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Recording session at Avalon Studios

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Tin Can Alehouse Gig – Friday Jan 17

The Tin Can is one of those venues that has great vibe for musicians & music fans. Damn fine people frequent this establishment. Since you are a damn fine person too, we’ll be expecting ya.

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Final Recordings are Available

Check out the Music section of the website to listen to the final version of our recordings.

Feels good to get these three songs polished and ready for prime time.  Hoping to go back to the studio and record three more.


How best to describe The Desolators?

As a musical artist, this is always a tough one…  When we are out and about people ask us “Hey man, you’re in a band?  Tell me about it.”  Well, how do you describe art?  Everyone has their own interpretation and opinion.  It’s tricky.  For us to come up with a description that is authentic, accurate and not self-serving is not an easy thing to do.  So perhaps it is best to hear how other people describe us.

In this case, the good folks at The Tin Can Ale House ( included this description of The Desolators in their recent newsletter.  What do you think?  Or do you have a better idea?

DESOLATORS is a local Outlaw-Country-Rock band that plays fast and loud. They sound like a Merle Haggard 33 played at 45 and run through a Tube Screamer. So, if you like to drink away your misery and then fight your guitar, this is the band for you.  For fans of: OLD MAN MARKLEY, BLOOD ON THE SADDLE, OLD 97s

3 Gig Trifecta this Coming Week

The dog days of summer are slowing fading away… and we’re ready to rev the engines for 3 big gigs this week. We’ll be at the Ken Club Sat 8/31, the Tin Can Ale House Thurs 9/5 and then the Aztec Brewery Sat 9/7. The Ken Club gig also is Wes’ birthday steomp, so join us for cocktails to celebrate our intellectual bad boy from Torrance. Get on your bad motor scooter and ride.


Desolators flyer 130831 Ken Club online

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